NAPHL (RELM Wranglers Hockey Club)


Kingston Wranglers

Hold onto your hats and get ready to experience the electrifying energy of the Kingston Wranglers lead by Head Coach Dave Mullins! As a powerhouse in the  North American Prep Hockey League (NAPHL), we're not just a team – we're a force of nature. Founded on the principles of grit, determination, and an unyielding drive for success, the Kingston Wranglers bring the heat both on and off the ice.

Our Mission:

At RELM, we live and breathe hockey. Our mission? To mold exceptional athletes into unstoppable forces of nature. We're not just here to play – we're here to dominate. With a laser focus on player development, top-tier coaching, and a winning mindset, we're not just chasing victories – we're creating legends.

Our Team:

Led by a coaching staff that eats, sleeps, and breathes hockey, the Kingston Wranglers roster is a lineup of pure dynamite. From seasoned pros to rising stars, every member of our team brings their A-game every time they hit the ice. With skill, passion, and heart, we're a team that refuses to be tamed.

Our Community:

Off the ice, the RELM Wranglers are more than just a team – we're a family. We believe in giving back, making a difference, and leaving our mark on the world. Whether we're volunteering, mentoring, or spreading the love of hockey to the next generation, we're proud to be a positive force in our community.

Join Us:

Ready to feel the adrenaline rush of Kingston Wranglers hockey? Whether you're a die-hard fan, a player hungry for glory, or a sponsor looking to align with a winning team, we want you on our team. Buckle up, because with the Kingston Wranglers, the excitement never stops.

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