FAQ's (RELM Wranglers Hockey Club)


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the RELM Wranglers Program?

- The wranglers program is based out of Kingston, Ontario. This is a rebranded program by RELM Sports. Our previous spring/summer team programs offered 30-40 spring/summer teams each year since 2009. 

- The Wranglers provide opportunities for players to compete, develop their skills and experience travel through our spring/summer teams, Klevr Super League teams, and USPHL Premier League teams.

What can I expect if my son/daughter plays with the Wranglers Spring Program?

- Each team will have 4-8 practices, and compete in 2-4 tournaments during the spring hockey season.

- Players will receive a custom jersey, socks, and insurance for the spring season. 

- Teams will have their own webpage on RELM Wranglers Teams and families will be setup on our SportsHeadz app. Once rosters are finalized, team budgets and schedules will be provided to families. 

Does a spot on the RELM Wranglers Spring program guarantee a roster spot on the KSL team?

- Although some players may participate on our spring teams and Klevr Super League or USPHL teams, playing on one does not guarantee a spot on the other. 

What is the Klevr Super League (KSL)?

- Our Mission with the Klevr Super League (KSL), is to provide families with an affordable, safe, fun and competitive hockey league focused on premium development and experience. 

- The league aims to provide a platform for talented athletes to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level while fostering a culture of fair play, respect, and integrity.

- Learn more here: Klevr Network Mission

Who is the KSL for?

- The KSL is designed for highly competitive players to play with like-minded players with player development as the main focus.

- The KSL plays full ice games and offers Tier 1 and Tier 2 options for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 birth years for the 2024/2025 season. 

Is the Wranglers Spring Program a part of the KSL?

- No, our spring program is one program of many offered by the Wranglers and our Klevr Super League program is another. Players are welcome to tryout for both, or either of these programs individually.

Are there tryouts for the Wranglers Spring Program?

- This is based on each team. We have many teams for boys and girls of different calibres and some teams have tryouts, while others are invitation only. 

Are there tryouts for the Wranglers KSLteams?

- Yes, our Klevr Super League teams have tryouts for our teams. Tryout details are available at Klevr Super League Tryouts

What can I expect if my son/daughter play in the KSL Program? 

- Playing against children of similar age and calibre in an environment that encourages new friendships with players from across Ontario. 

- Each team is required to have a minimum of 3 team practice hours per week. Teams may also have skating or skills instruction or dryland training on top of the 3 hours of team practice.

- Limited travel as teams will play in the KSL events (7th Holiday Tournament is optional) during the course of the fall/winter season. The first and final events will be played in a tournament format. The other 4 events will be showcases and will be counted as league play. Each team will be guaranteed 5 games per weekend. 

- Teams have the option of playing Exhibition games on "off weekends". Teams will only play against other KSL charter, affiliate or partner teams.