RELM Values (RELM Wranglers Hockey Club)

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RELM Wranglers

Welcome to Wranglers Country! Our Kingston-based program is player centred, focuses on development and great experiences.

Values: Hard work, Player-First, Have Fun

  • Hard work is required to reach your goals.  We lead by example, help players establish goals and a plan, while encouraging the effort necessary to achieve them.
  • Player-First ensures the sports experience of the players is of utmost importance.
  • Fun is a requirement for participation in sports.  We love what we do and encourage players to have as much fun as they can while participating in their sport.

Sports are an amazing way to promote physical activity, leadership, teamwork, discipline, and friendships. We always aim to provide programs that encourage players to return to their sport every day. 


  • Provide programs and events that encourage participants to return to their events every day. 


  • We have a great Team who works tirelessly to design and offer great tournaments, exciting teams, and intentional development programs.  We use a mix of technology and experience to provide our programs and always look for new ideas to provide a great experience through our sports programs.


  • We assemble teams within the USPHL Premier League, the Klevr Super League and also host Spring Hockey teams.
  • Our teams compere in various tournaments across Canada, USA and Europe. 
  • We design and provide intentional development for all ages and calibres.

Check out our teams on our website.  We would love to see you at the rink soon!